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Guardian 2 section cover - Gilbert & George house

This cover from The Guardian 2 section shows one item of the work Colin Barber did for the artists Gilbert & George in their Spitalfields house.

Behind them you can see the wall splashback tiles : these were reclaimed tiles that G&G chose for the kitchen area.

As with all elelments of the house, the tile work was meticulously detailed by them. Five rooms of tile work  were done there and it was a pleasure to work on the early 17c house in such a characterful area. Gilbert and George were engaged, organised and delightful clients, busy at the same time with their TATE retrospective [ their scale model of which had every artwork in miniture placed as they wished in the galleries!]


Works organised under the architect Manuel Irsara.

Another section of work for Gilbert & George in their house in Fournier Street,

East London. 

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