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The living room of this Christchurch 70s house was considered by the owners for some time. It was neutral colour paint throughout and their choice to tile not only the immediate wood-burner hearth and wall area as is usual, but the extended area of the whole wall to the entry door as well - to make a statement feature, and changing the whole rooms 'feel'.


They chose this wood look, high

relief tile -  'Amalfi' from Keradom, an Italian company that specialises in smaller scale porcelain tiles of character.  There were some reservations about how it would look over the large area...but eventually there was a green light.

To make a sympathetic border of the tiled area I suggested using a square bead of Rimu wood - it is used throughout the room as trim.

The owners wanted a Mediterranean feel to the room, adding colour and warmth and suiting their decorative elements. They feel it has been a great success.

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