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21BG eve.jpg

London - summer 2022. South Kensington

A set of steps tiled in Wincklemans geometric tiles with Carrara marble risers for Dargie Lewis Designs.  A classic London stucco front residential building We advised on materials and styles of work.

21BG Ldn_edited.jpg

This newly formed walk-in shower was prepared and tiled in 2022.

The porcelain tiles are 1200 x 1200 mm 

(4' x 4') so exacting measuring and templating is required  - only 2 pieces  were complete tiles, uncut or shaped.

Shower W12.png

A South Kensington shower room. The wall and floor work is actually over 10 years apart. The clients wanted a new floor in 2022 plus

and changed the shower base to a tiled type.

All else good as the day I did it. Very nice to have longstanding, ongoing clients !

Sth Ken - Sibley floor.png

A St. Albans ChCh entrance way, tiled using a smart slate-look porcelain tile in Jan 2023

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