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Clerkenwell Design Week 2014


The Architects Russ+Henshaw approached us in 2014 to be part of the team to create their design that was to be a key feature of the Design Week that spring.


We set 7200 tiles from Turkish Cermaics set in varying sequences and colourways to the floor - these were then amplified by huge mirror walls built within the ancient St.John's Gate.


The work was a great success with all in the design world, and won a GOLD AWARD at London Design Awards 2014.


The Gate is, and remained with the installation in, a public space and was perhaps one of the very best examples I have seen in engaging people on the merits of design and in this instance creative use of tiles.


As the tiling contractor I was extremely pleased to be part of this London project with it's setting in an historic part of my city. Lianne Russ and Phillip Henshaw were fulsome in their praise of the work I did on Tile-mile.

I have great admiration for their vision and their connection with us all in this piece of work.


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