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What we do...

Tiling...Tile work of quality and beauty.  An age old trade and skill, to set & bring out the best of the beautiful tiles that are made.


The preparation of the areas and then installation of the tiles.  

Homeowners and designers spend much time, effort and money on tiles and tile situations: we work to deliver those to the full expectations.

We have extensive experience with tiles of every type: ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, stone tiles, porcelain tiles, and handmade tiles.

Please take a look at the project pages; hopefully you will see the scope of the work done by us, the many situations and the quality of project our work and dedication has led us to work on.   

You can see more works on the Instagram -   @cbtile_london 

Primarily we carry out tile installation, but as part of those works the preparation, formation of areas, floor drains / wet-room build and finishing also. We advise on an individual basis, looking to give the best advice on all aspects of your job - to help you achieve a great result.  Really, everything to do with tile projects. 


Works of preparation and formation in areas for the tile work are also part of what we do.
We advise on the materials and works required and aim to assist with the information about them. 

Floors especially need correct specification of build-up and materials for the best outcome.


The picture shows a barrel ceiling frame made for a steam room.



Frame-work and boarding, floor overboarding and subsequent tile-specific layers.  

We are tile specialists, but sometimes do full bathroom fit-outs including plumbing works, bringing in trusted trades,

Wet room and steam room formation  and water-proofing


Co-ordination with other trades if build work is part of the main contractor remit to provide best advice for our work to follow.


We regularly work for interior design teams where communication and details are key to the works.



We are asked to suggest remedies for old work that is in poor repair, or new work that has been done incorrectly - an all to often occurrence !


Years of work with every tile type enable us to resolve problems with tiled areas.


Colin Barber is an independent fixer member 
of The Tile Association  - the trade body for the Uk:

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