Colin is from London UK, and is currently in New Zealand (his wife's homeland) in 2019. Occasional visits to UK for work

are still on the agenda; his interest, knowledge and enthusiasm for all things tile and of interiors of quality is as strong as ever.

He has been carrying out the craft and trade of tiling for nearly four decades. After some cycle sport success as a teenager life led him to be trained in the tiling trade by a small firm in the traditional way for 6 years. He then set up independently, establishing Colin Barber Tiling Contractors in 1988, and has continued to work installing tiles ever since. Varying from working solely, at times having apprentices, and expanding to a small team.


" I built a reputation of doing good work with attention to detail, of high quality aesthetically and with technical integrity,  at a time when  good tilers were increasingly sought after for an expanding world of both quality interiors and tile products.

Over the years I have been contracted to carry out the tiling work on high value prestigious houses and projects, often for fascinating people - the famous amongst them - including Sting, Kate Moss, Michael Bloomberg, Simon Cowell, Dawn French, Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne among others.

The TileMile project (see project & press pages) that I tiled won a Gold medal at the London design awards in 2014.

My work has been primarily in central London, but also some large country houses in England & Scotland, plus some international jobs- France; Paris- in the 16thA and St. Tropez, Puerto Banus - Spain, and currently New Zealand, my wife's country, where we have moved.

I work direct to homeowners as well as for interior designers, builders, and architects. Most of my work over the years has been through referral, recommendation and repeat business. 

The scope of the works I do can involve the building and prepartion of walls and floors, specifiying the materials and background systems to form these to the correct standard to then be tiled. Wet-rooms, drained tiled floors and under-tile heating - these are a specialised element of tiling now in greater demand than ever.

Most important of course is the knowledge, experience  and enthusiasm to best install the many types and styles of material that the term 'tile' encompasses."

Colin Barber 2019

Interior Designers worked for include Kelly Hoppen, Robert Carslaw, Norrey-Brudnizki, Francois Gille, David Collins Studio, Taylor-Howes, Albrissi, Linda Barker, FSI Projects under Julian Harvey.

Projects by architects including Craig Hamilton, Ian Ritchie RA, Zambelli-Friend, Russ+Henshaw,

Spencer Fung, Michaelis-Boyd

Developers/designers: Hill Spink, Candy and Candy

Builders of note: Taveners, Boldfort, Hickroys, Marland & Marland, Durtnells

Stage work has been done for: The Royal Court and the Royal Shakespeare Company productions.

Construction managers worked under include Gardiner/Theobald, Mace, CPCM, Hall/Tawse, Jarvis Newman.

Restoration work for Buckingham Palace - the Royal Mews

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